It is time for women to rise...

Something is happening in the world right now.

A shift…

An awakening…

A realignment.

After thousands of years of the dominance of patriarchal systems, the feminine is rising again.

But after generations of repression, many of us are still caught in old paradigms –

Still trying to create work and have success by adopting masculine ways of DOING things.

Feeling like we’re not enough….or  too much.

Working until we burn out or get stressed and depressed.

Believing we have to sacrifice so much to be creators.

There is another way of BEING.

 Our authentic way as women.

And when we tap into this – we are powerful beyond belief.

We are CREATRIX – female creators.  

This program is designed as a rite of passage…

An activation…

A conscious and deliberate (and delicious) reclamation of what it truly is to be a woman and a creator.

If you are ready to ignite your divine feminine power, The Creatrix Codes are for you.

How this works...

For 10 days over two weeks, I’ll go live with you to share a lesson containing the profound codes for reclaiming your true power as a woman.

This will be a journey unlike any other.

The woman who completes it will not be the same as she who started it.

You will have access to the replays for one year so that you can rewatch and work through them again (and again) on your own schedule.

There will also be a Q&A Zoom call with me where you can ask me anything and get direct support.

When you sign up, you’ll get an invite to join our exclusive Facebook group.

That’s where I’ll share the live sessions.

There is going to be magic in them…because that is what happens when women come together and share truth.

If you are ready to reconnect with your sacred feminine essence and activate your authentic power as a creator, this experience will be nothing short of life-changing.

This is for the woman who...

This is for you if you desire to attune to your highest power.

If you know in your heart there’s more to being a woman than what you’ve been taught.

If you want to tap into your innate feminine wisdom, the truest source of a free, abundant, and joyful life.

This is for the woman who wants the codes to living deeply as a magnetic authentic soul who knows her worth and lives from it. 

What we'll cover...

We are going to go on soul-shifting journey that will remind you who you truly are and what you are here for.

There will be meditations, visualizations, journal prompts and other exercises. 

Some of the things we’ll cover:

A message from me...

For years I felt like I wasn’t enough.  

Or that maybe I was too much…and I had to dim it.

I felt the calling to be a creator – but I had this feeling that it wasn’t safe for me to do so.

That I wasn’t worthy of it.

I know now that this was not just due to the conditioning of my own personal life.

This was the effect of being a woman and an artist growing up in the patriarchy.

For generations, the women in my lineage (the women in ALL our lineages) have been silenced, repressed and persecuted.

They were not allowed to be creators, writers, storytellers or filmmakers.  It was not safe for their voices to be heard.

In fact, if they did try to speak or live their truth, they were burned at stake as witches, forced to testify against each other, and ostracized from society.

Modern epigenetics has shown that our DNA is altered by trauma.  We carry the fears and traumas from the past in our coding.

But just as trauma can alter our DNA so can conscious healing and deliberate recoding.  

We can change our story as women – and in doing so change the story for generations to come.

Over decades, I have committed myself to deep healing and transformative work to shift my beliefs and to heal the inter-generational patriarchal wounds that blocked me.

I feel called to share this work with you, my sister.  

To walk with you, to be in a circle with you and to share these sacred codes through unflinchingly honest conversations…

Conversations that will shake you deep in your soul…

Awaken you, ignite you, remind you who you truly are…

 and allow you to shine your most glorious light and power as a creatrix in the 21st century.

You are not broken – and you never have been.

You are more than enough and never too much – exactly as you are.

This program is not about fixing anything, for there is nothing to fix.

It’s about gathering in a circle to go deep into what it is to be a woman and a creator right now, at the dawn of a new earth.

I’m so honored to do this work with you.


xo Diane

What's included...

It's time to reignite your feminine fire.

Got questions?

What time are the live classes?

They are scheduled for a variety of times ranging from 9AM PST to 3PM PST, starting on Saturday August 28 and completing on September 9.  The replays will be available immediately – and honestly, they will be just as powerful.

Do you offer refunds on this?

There will be no refunds for this experience.  I am 100% confident that what I share will be worth 10x the price.  If it’s a full body yes for you, then I know you are going to love it.

Will you offer this program again this year?

No.  This is a unique experience this year, though I may do it again next year.

The time for the creatrix is now -

See you in there!

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