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Trust the calling. 



Somehow we forget this truth along the way -

as we're taught by society,  by the patriarchy, and by the well-meaning adults who brought us up to be realistic and practical and "good"- 

To put others before ourselves.

To focus on doing not being.  

To keep quiet and not rock the boat.

To not dream too big so that we're never disappointed.

We become disconnected from the truth of who we are -

Living shadow lives in masculine energy -

Where struggle, burn out, stress, anxiety and depression cloud over us -

Fears that somehow we're not enough, that there's something wrong with us -

But, sister, listen closely:

you are a CREATRIX -

with the limitless magical force inside you to create whatever your heart truly desires-

and when you activate this, your innate power as a woman, your birthright, your truth-

You are unstoppable.

This is the initiation of The Creatrix Codes.


How would it feel if this was your reality?
  • You wake up each day full of radiant energy and purpose¬†
  • You are abundantly supported through your creative, soul-aligned work¬†
  • You know your worth and are well compensated for your creative work¬†
  • ¬†You shine brightly, without fear, ¬†and give others the permission to do the same
  • You are free from shame, guilt, regret and the feeling that you're either "not enough" or "too much"
  • You spend your day in pleasure - not pressure (stress and hustle are definitely not part of your vibe)
  • You get to spend your days doing what you want, when you want and to live the life of your dreams
  • Your relationships are fulfilling and rich and your cup always feels like it's overflowing
  • ¬†You are totally supported by a tribe of incredible women on the journey to your epic success as a female creatrix

If this all sounds like a dream, I want you to know that it’s 100% possible for you.  

When you integrate the Creatrix Codes into your life, all of this will become your reality - and more!


a reawakening of your power.


This is a journey of remembering, healing, and becoming.

It's a journey of sisterhood and reconnecting with the truth of who you are. 

When you join The Creatrix Codes you are entering a powerful portal in which you will shed the conditioning that has held you back -

And fully align with your core identity as a magical Creatrix, able to create heaven on earth.


Over the timeframe of a lunar month (we start and complete on new moons), you will receive the 12 codes.

 These are shared via pre-recorded video transmissions that you will have lifetime access to so that you can return to them as often as you desire.

You will also receive guided meditations, PDF downloads and journal prompts to support you on the journey.

In addition to this, there will be weekly group zoom integration sessions where you can connect directly with our sister circle, ask questions, share breakthroughs and get support.

This program has been honed over 4 previous live rounds and is more potent than ever.

Participants always say that who they are at the end of it is not the same person as who they were at the start.

If you are ready to reconnect with your true power as a woman, The Creatrix Codes will give you the keys.

Join the waitlist!

Frankie L.

"It‚Äės difficult to summarise the explosions of self-awareness that follow the transmission/reception of these codes. ‚ÄėCodes‚Äô is definitely the right word, because the information provided in these sessions is multi-level and quite honestly functions as genuine psychic healing magic - sort of like a set of keys unlocking a bunch of locks holding shut the maiden‚Äôs cage of patriarchal trappings and unhelpful beliefs, until at some point Diane just hands you a mallet and you smash a glass coffin you didn‚Äôt realize¬†you were in. ¬†¬†Just join it, seriously, just join it."

What are the Creatrix Codes?

The original ten codes were channeled by me as I reflected on what needed to shift in order for a creatrix to step into her full power.  since then I have added two more that feel essential.

THE CREATRIX CODES all spring from three core pillars:

  • REMEMBERING/WISDOM¬†- deep down you know who you are and what you are here for. ¬†In these codes, you are guided on a journey of recollecting and reawakening your gnosis. These codes include Awakening the Goddess, The Power Portal Code, The Seasons and Cycles Code and the
  • HEALING/TRUTH - This is where we release the wounds and traumas that cloud our truth - that we are one, that we are whole and that together we rise. ¬†These codes include Healing the Mother Wound, Healing the Father Wound, ¬†Healing the Sisterhood and Witch Wounds and the Worthy Code.
  • BECOMING/POWER -¬†in order for us to truly create the lives we dream of, we need to release some old habit ways of being and integrate new ones so that we amplify our power and allow ourselves to become all that we were meant to be. ¬†These codes include the Receiving Code, the Shadow Side Code, The Standards + Boundaries Code and the Ascension Code
No more struggling.
No more feeling unworthy.
No more doubting yourself or feeling fear that you're not enough.
This is your invitation to step into your true power as a CREATRIX.
This isn't about learning something new. This is about remembering, healing and becoming. Here's how:

The 12 codes are delivered to you one at a time (4 per week over 3 weeks), so you have plenty of time to receive them and integrate them.


Over the course of two ritual ceremonies and three integration group zooms, you will be held and supported on your journey.


In a global circle of sisterhood, you will feel nourished and uplifted.  Our exclusive Facebook group will be the hub of sharing.


Beyond the video transmissions, you will receive access to a variety of supporting materials such as guided meditations, journal prompts and downloadable play sheets so that you actually embody each code (not just learn about it intellectually).


I'm Diane Bell.


Since I was a little girl, I felt the calling to be an artist and to write - but I was taught that this was an unrealistic goal. If I liked books, I should be a librarian.

The result was throughout my twenties I was a blocked creative, with crippling low self-esteem and struggles with depression and alcohol and drug abuse.

At the age of 26, I discovered Ashtanga Yoga and Buddhist meditation and these created a lifeline of inner transformation for me. I dedicated myself to these practices and was a direct student of Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh, attending multiple retreats at his monasteries.

As I healed, I found my creative voice and this ignited my career in film. I've written and sold over a dozen screenplays and directed three movies, one of which won multiple awards at Sundance.

I've gone on to write a bestselling guide to making a successful indie film and building a multi 6 figure online business, that started with screenwriting and filmmaking courses.

During the last ten years, I've taught hundreds (if not thousands) of female creatives, and I've come to see the same patterns repeating through us.

Patterns of procrastination, perfectionism, feeling like we're not enough. Patterns of self-sabotage and not following through.

I started to study my own patterns: the ones that led to my greatest creative success as well as my biggest challenges - and it was through this that I started to birth what is now called THE CREATRIX CODES.

I know that when we harness our innate power and get in alignment with it, there are no limits to what we can create.

I subsequently spent a year immersed in deep, devotional training in a feminine mystery school and became a certified priestess.

I'm obsessed with this work and with helping other women break through the lies and conditioning that holds them back so that they can live the life of their dreams.

I'm honored that you are here and reading this and I want you to know: whatever you dream of IS possible - but you have to be willing to go inside and do the inner work.

Join me in THE CREATRIX CODES and let's make magic.

Together we rise

xo Diane 




Caterina Pacialeo

Thank you Diane for your authentic self-expressive  self who was able to strategically develop a course that is insightful and life-changing, a journey into self for those who want to work in a new paradigm as creative women with much gratitude and appreciation. I look forward to new beginnings in my new chapter thanks to The Creatrix Codes.

Valerie Whitcomb

Diane thank you so much for creating these Codes and sharing your knowledge and self. It has been truly extraordinary. The spiritual part of my life has been calling to me for some time, but I wasn't quite sure where to begin to respond. When we were doing the meditation today and Diane, you called for us to bring the light back into our bodies. I felt it. Thank you for opening the door so I could know the power is real and where it resides. I'm so glad that I signed up for this.

together we rise.