Time to reset the year so that you get the ending you want.

Screenwriters know that the midpoint of a movie matters – a lot.

It’s a moment in the story of the hero or heroine’s journey that usually defines the final outcome.

As we enter the middle of this year, I invite you to join me for a FREE live 5 day masterclass to take stock, reset and make sure you are on the path to the ending you want for 2022.

No matter what has happened so far this year – it’s not too late to turn it into your best year yet.

Some things we’ll cover:

– how to release, forgive and let go of anything that’s holding us back

– “the woman in the mirror” moment and why it has such power

– how to get back on the horse (if we have fallen off)

– a powerful visualization to fuel you for the last half of 2022

This nourishing masterclass will put you on track (or keep you there) to finish 2022 with magical energy!


What: Free masterclass with Sundance Award Winning Screenwriter + Director Diane Bell

When: June 13/14/15/16/17

Where: This session will take place online in an exclusive FB group – you can tune in from wherever you choose to.

Some feedback from previous masterclasses:

“I couldn’t be a bigger fan of Diane and her masterclasses! They have been incredible sources of help, wisdom and insight for me. The classes are honestly invaluable – and Diane’s thoughtfulness, warmth and generosity of spirit shine through everything she says and teaches.”
Andrea Mann
“Acclaimed screenwriter and revered mentor Diane Bell guides her students on a magical journey of self discovery, empowerment and personal transformation with  a profound sense of  spiritual growth. Sprinkled with a delightful sense of wit and wisdom Bell shares her methods and experience in overcoming life‘s challenges, how to live a successful, financially free, creative life, filled with limitless potential where dreams really do come true. Powerful and provocative.”
Maire Tashjian
“Diane’s classes and means of teaching are thought provoking and inspiring. Capturing your attention for the entire time, you are propelled forward, excited to put forward what you learned. There is no other teacher or mentor that reaches this height in my estimation. If you have the opportunity to join one of her free Master Class sessions and don’t participate, you are cheating yourself of the best thing you can do for yourself. Diane is the crème de la crème.”
Maeve Thunderchild

A note from me...


Just like that:

it’s the middle of the year.

We start the year with so many good intentions, hopes and dreams…

But often by now, life has got on top of us…

And we’ve forgotten them.

Midyear is a perfect time to pause.

To reflect on the first half of the year –

To learn what can be learned…

To celebrate the triumphs…

And to forgive and release what is left.

So that we can go on to make the second half of the year a masterpiece!

I hope you can join me for this –

I know it’s going to be truly special.

Love you

xo Diane


"I simply can’t get enough of Diane Bell’s inspired wisdom! If you are a creative individual (I think we all are), you know the ups and downs of this life. Diane combines a contagious and enthusiastic positivity with a down-to-earth practical approach that is relatable and universal no matter what your discipline. Whether it’s just one class, or everything she has to offer, to let Diane Bell in your life will be a game changer for your creative game!"
Jill Orschel
"Diane Bell is an amazing talent who's decided to share her wealth of wisdom. She's brilliant, kind, passionate, and always inspiring.”
Jack Stranger
"Diane's masterclasses are just that. This lady reaches way beyond the realm of the obvious. Diane shoots from the heart and it goes straight to the heart. I think I could say without fear of contradiction that she is as real as it gets. Her passion is to share her knowledge knowhow and the wealth of having walked the walk, speaks volumes. These masterclasses and courses are no nonsense and heart driven.Thank you Diane - keep shining!"
Clare McKay

Diane Bell, screenwriter and director, is obsessed with empowering creative women to live the lives of their dreams.  She has achieved many of her own impossible dreams, including starting an Ashtanga Yoga studio in Barcelona, selling scripts in Hollywood, and writing and directing three movies, including Obselidia, which won two awards at the Sundance Film Festival and was nominated for two Independent Spirit Awards.  She is the author of a best selling guide to indie filmmaking, SHOOT FROM THE HEART, and hosts a top rated podcast of the same name, inspiring thousands.  Diane will light you up and give you the practical information as well as next level inspiration to help you live an abundantly successful, creative life.  It’s time to make your dreams come true.  

See you soon!

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