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The ultimate program for artists who are ready to claim the life of their dreams.

What you get:

- 4 foundational video lessons that will guide you in shifting your concept of what is possible as well as teaching you a formula for getting whatever you want in life

- BONUS session: The Quantum Field and how it relates to your limitless nature

-BONUS session: The Compound Effect - how harnessing the power of small actions repeated consistently is the key to creating epic results

- BONUS session: Living From the Future- how to stop looking back to determine what you can achieve, and instead start living from your future

- BONUS session: The Pleasure Principle - why your bliss and joy matter so much in creating the life of your dreams

- BONUS session: Ten Ways to Make Money as an Artist Now

- BONUS masterclass: Pivot to Power - 2 hours and 22 minutes on how to spiral upwards even when things are not going how you wanted

- lifetime access to all materials

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the digital nature of this product, no refunds are available for this.  For full Terms and Conditions: click HERE. 


$222.00 USD

THE ABUNDANT ARTIST is a 21 day program to flick the switch from scarcity to abundance forever!  It you want to stop feeling like there's never enough and start trusting that there's always plenty - and living it - this program will get you there.

Normally $333 - TODAY ONLY $47