Sick of the struggle to make money from your creative work?  

Ready to lock in a new paradigm of abundance?

For so many creative people, money is a struggle.

We think we can't make money easily as artists.  

We can be creative or rich - but not both.

We've been conditioned to think that artists starve, it's just the way it is!

But the thing is: our results are 80% based on what we believe, not what we do.

So as long as we persist in believing these kinds of things - that's what we experience.

As a consequence of having these kind of beliefs, we find ourselves stuck with a day job we don't love.

We experience a constant up and down income, also known as "feast or famine", with no security.

Money is a constant struggle.

I know all this - because this used to be me!

But then I discovered that through deliberate mindset work, you can change your beliefs and when you do, your bank account will change too.

The truth is you can be rich AND creative - it's not an either/or!

If you're ready to break the paradigm once and for all and to step into a new identity as an Abundant Artist, this program is designed to get you there!


Each day for 21 days, you will get access to a new lesson.  These will contain specific instructions, downloads, guided meditations, journal prompts and exercises.

Each day builds on what has come before - so that we intentionally shift and release your old thought patterns and beliefs about money and creativity, and start to embody new ones.

At least 12 of the sessions are video lessons while others are worksheets.

This course is not about THEORY.

It's about employing strategic and scientifically proven methods to shift your beliefs thereby creating a pathway for radically different results in your life.


If you're ready to drop the money struggle and enter into abundance,  start today!

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$47.00 USD

This is an in-depth pre-recorded, 10 module self paced program that gives you all the tools to break free from the paradigm that says you can't be creative AND rich!  Includes access to a bonus class, 10 Ways to Make Money as an Artist Now.  Normally $997 - only $222 today!