There's a gap between finishing your first script and becoming a professional screenwriter.

Most aspiring screenwriters never cross this gap and it's hard to navigate - until now!

THE SAVVY SCREENWRITER will provide you with a bridge -

so that you KNOW what to do, and how to do it, so that you get your script sold and start working as a professional screenwriter.

There are 6 video lessons in this self-paced course (and you get immediate access to them ALL):

MODULE 1: You will learn how to embody the identity of a successful screenwriter BEFORE you sell your first script. We will shift your identity using strategic and scientifically proven methods. 

MODULE 2:  You will activate unshakeable confidence iin yourself and your work so that your success becomes inevitable.  This is ESSENTIAL if you're going to sell your scirpt.

MODULE 3: You're now ready to start taking action - and this week you'll learn the real secrets to query letters, connecting, pitching,  and networking - even if you are an introvert. 

MODULE 4: This week we'll explore everything a screenwriter needs to know to walk confidently into any room but are too afraid to ask! You'll know exactly what to expect at every stage of the journey. 

MODULE 5:  It's time to create a strategic plan for your career as a screenwriter. We will look at different paths to success and how to make them work for you -so that you are putting your energy today into your ultimate goal. 

MODULE 6: This is where we pull all the pieces together and launch you on your path to success! You'll learn to recognize dangers that could derail you as well as how to make sure you stay on the path with great energy. 

When you complete this program, you'll no longer feel daunted by the idea of selling your script.

Instead, you will feel like a smart, savvy screenwriter, understanding the business and completely in control of your career.

Immediate access to all 6 modules.


$497.00 USD

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