Ep #2: The Art of Intentional Manifestation

In this episode of THE AIM FROM THE HEART podcast, we're diving deep into the powerful tool of intentional manifestation. We'll explore how manifesting what we desire is not just a flaky New Age idea, but a scientifically backed concept rooted in quantum physics and neuroscience. I'll guide you through a simple 5 step process to start manifesting your heart's desires, and we'll discuss the importance of opening yourself to receiving. We'll explore the common struggles people face at this stage and how to eliminate limiting beliefs that may be holding us back. Get ready to tap into the art of intentional manifestation and unlock the treasure map within your heart. Let's dive in! 

[00:00:50] Manifestation: bringing imagination to physical reality.

[00:03:55] "Manifesting chocolate cake through visualization and serendipity."

[00:08:49] Manifestation is scientifically backed; an art.

[00:10:00] Manifestation is an art backed by science.

[00:13:21] Subconscious beliefs may hinder wealth accumulation.

[00:17:38] Manifestation: Listen to your heart. Own desires.

[00:23:12] Eliminate limiting beliefs, replace with supporting beliefs.

[00:24:06] Concurrent work needed to eliminate limiting beliefs.

[00:30:41] Open to receiving is essential for manifestation.

[00:31:54] Self sabotage derails us from receiving desires.

[00:35:06] Own your dreams, manifest them, love yourself.


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