Ep #5: Is it wrong to want more?

Have you ever wondered if it’s wrong to wNt more?

In this episode, Diane dives deep into this topic and explores whether it is okay to desire more when we already have so much. She challenges the conditioning that tells us it is greedy or wrong to want more and discusses how these beliefs can block us from receiving what we desire.

You’ll learn the origins of this mindset and get a new perspective on the relationship between gratitude and wanting more. You’ll also discover the importance of understanding your motivations behind wanting more.

Hit play now and learn how you can become a clear channel for everything you truly dream of, without guilt or fear attached.



[00:02:30] Your subconscious beliefs affect your results.

[00:06:31] Desire for more does not negate gratitude.

[00:09:06] Finding happiness in the present, embracing expansion.

[00:11:12] Taking more than my share is unfair and greedy. It's like limiting breathing or love.

[00:17:13] Live life your way, embrace finances. Exciting live experience on October 14th.

[00:18:38] Opening our minds to receiving more.





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