Ep #13: Reclaiming Your Wild Roots with Herbalist Tonja Reichley

Welcome back to the “Aim From the Heart Podcast,” where we explore the power of intentional living and reconnecting with our deepest roots. I’m your host, Diane Bell, and in today’s episode, we're joined by the enchanting herbalist Tonja Reichley.

Tonja is someone who has woven her own tapestry of knowledge from the traditions of Ireland, drawing wisdom from the bountiful teachings of nature. We unravel a conversation that flows from the vibrant customs of Native American and Irish cultures, to the very personal journeys of reclaiming our ancestral ties, especially our Celtic lineages.

Both of us share the profound impact of venturing back into the traditions of our forebears, discovering how Tonja's transformative journey led her from the foothills of Western Europe to the heart of Ireland’s herbal landscapes. We also address the topic of the historical persecution of women as witches and healers in Scotland and Ireland and how embracing those stories is crucial in the healing and reclaiming of our collective power.

Tonja will also illuminate us on the work she does through her Ancestral Herbal Apprenticeship and the Way of the Wild Witch Wheel of the Year program, assisting others in nurturing a spiritual kinship with the natural world.

Get ready to delve into a world where the simple nettle becomes a symbol of nourishment and spiritual connection, where reclaiming the title of witch is an act of fierce identity, and where belonging truly begins within ourselves, no matter where we are planted. So brew some herbal tea, settle into your space, and let’s journey together into the wild heart of our history and healing.

 Let's begin...



00:00 Excited to welcome you to Aim from the Heart podcast

04:46 Grew up on Ohio farm, felt connected with trees

07:05 Returned from Europe, discovered love for herbs.

10:42 Trusting in soul, finding confirmations, loving oracle cards.

15:27 Discovering personal traditions and rituals, reclaiming spirituality.

17:20 Fascination with Native American and Irish traditions.

22:38 Grateful for living in Ireland and learning.

24:15 Pre-Celtic traditions, Celtic festivals, ancestral reverence.

28:17 Interest in women's perspective, relation to witch trials, personal history.

32:35 A diverse woman questioning her identity.

35:07 Traditional Irish beliefs in witches and healers.

36:54 Surprised by Scotland's idyllic town planters' history.

42:20 Help people find belonging through traditions and herbs.

44:08 Request for sharing teaching and program experiences.

48:44 Program "Way of the Wild Witch" celebrates Irish mythology.

50:59 Passionate Ted Talk about humble weed nettle.




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