Ep #14: Lessons from James Wedmore's Business By Design Live Experience

I've just come home from James Wedmore's Business By Design Live Event.  It was 3 packed days in Southern California with 900+ other online entrepreneurs —something I hadn't initially planned to attend, yet an experience that led me on an unexpected life-changing journey.

In this episode, I share ten compelling insights gleaned from this event. We’ll explore the notion of 'expanding your box of consciousness' and how stepping beyond its limits can unlock the ability to manifest dreams we never thought possible.

I will also be discussing the pivotal role of community in the entrepreneurial landscape—how embracing coaching and peer support can propel your business forward, and conversely, the challenges that arise when you go at it alone.

From the intensity of 'the messy middle' to the imperative of leading with love and service, each lesson bears a story, including a personal account of my interaction with James Wedmore and the undeniable connection he has with his audience.

I'll recount a mind-expanding exercise in spoon bending—a metaphor for the infinite potential we hold within us to shape our reality—revealing the courage it takes to confront our fears and how this groundwork can catalyze monumental shifts in our personal and professional lives.

And of course, we'll talk about the beauty of courage—not as the absence of fear but as the strength to act in spite of it. Imagine the possibilities if we operated with tenfold confidence and certainty!

So, sit back, relax, and let's navigate the non-linear journey of success together, exploring the essence of creating from the heart with intention. And don't forget, exciting things are on the horizon with upcoming programs that promise a year-long transformative journey at dianebell.com/limitless.

As always, your reviews and social media shout-outs mean the world to us. Thank you for tuning in, and as we sign off, remember: aim from the heart, and all your dreams will come true.



00:00 Deep dive into James Webbmore's Business by Design.

04:08 Life-changing event leads to valuable self-discovery.

07:11 Consciousness shaped by society limits creative potential.

09:48 Deep meditation, filling spoon with gratitude and love.

13:45 Overcoming fear and self-doubt with courage.

16:32 Success journey: ups, downs, breakthroughs, not linear.

22:08 Prioritize energetic state for positive results.

23:26 Confronting fears is essential for personal growth.

27:23 Willingness to invest in coaching drives success.

31:14 Success comes from genuine care and energy.

33:48 Success comes from genuine care and intention.

38:31 Joining James Webmore's business coaching program next year.

39:41 Join indispensable three-day live program for 2024.




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