Ep #16: Lessons Learned from 2023

This episode is a treasure chest of insights from my personal voyage through 2023. We'll dive into how a ticket to a live event in sunny California and a surge of intuition to “follow soul” brought seismic shifts in my life. We're talking transforming fear into presence, recognizing the potency of community, and the courage in embracing life's changing seasons.

I'll share my struggles with the pressures of achieving dreams and practical strategies to soften that journey, laying bare the highs and lows of my move to Spain and the quest for my dream house. Learning from the pitfalls of trying to recreate past successes, I'll underscore the profound lesson that you cannot step into the same river twice, and how dropping into my heart and trusting my soul's nudges led to unforeseen magic.

But that's not all; I'm inviting you to our year-end gathering and offering a teaser of our 'Your Best Year Yet' master class. Plus, I’d love for you to be part of the conversation – share your lessons, your challenges, and help us foster this community of growth and connection.

So, let's pause, breathe, and set the intention to extract wisdom from the past as we gear up for a remarkable new year. Join me for a heartfelt session that's sure to enlighten, inspire, and maybe... just maybe... set the stage for living beyond our wildest dreams.



00:00 Reflective podcast on year-end lessons and growth.

04:47 Enroll in powerful classes for your best year.

09:14 Embrace grace, strategy, and dreams beyond dreams.

12:19 Prioritize caring for nervous system during transitions.

13:48 Accepting business contraction, reevaluating purpose, starting new podcast.

17:40 Returning to old actions doesn't guarantee success.

21:27 Struggle with film, can't recreate past success.

23:10 Trust your heart and good things happen.

28:42 Lesson: Be present, live intentionally, find joy.

30:38 Remarkable transformation achieved in mere years, not decades.

33:52 Yoga practice grows with guidance and support.

38:43 Seeking engagement and sharing lessons for 2024.

39:35 Grateful for the past, excited for 2024.




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