Ep #18: A Heart Centered Approach to Prosperity with Isha Vela

Welcome to another episode of the Aim From the Heart Podcast where we dive deep into the stories and strategies that empower you to align your actions with your soul's true intentions.

I'm your host, Diane Bell, and today I'm thrilled to be sharing a conversation with the inspiring Isha Vela.

Isha is a trauma psychologist turned wealth activist and somatic biz coach, who has been transforming her personal financial narrative and helping others do the same. She joins us to delve into the profound understanding of money as energy, and how her encounters with polyamory in 2021 unraveled her feelings of scarcity and jealousy, revealing deeper areas of unfulfillment in her life.

Today, we'll explore how money, much like love, craves freedom. We'll hear about Isha's experiments with giving money away and how this approach has helped her to not only circulate wealth but also to support collective healing and impactful community projects. 

Bringing her wealth of knowledge from her heritage and professional experience, Isha shares insights on emotional and historical complexities surrounding money, collective trauma, and the need for a shift in the paradigm of wealth. As we venture into some of the practical aspects of financial planning, Isha will make a case for financial literacy as an essential empowerment tool.

So, if you've ever felt a disconnect between your finances and your soul's journey, or you're looking for ways to reprogram your relationship with money and embrace a heart-centered approach to prosperity, this episode is for you. 

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00:00 Devotion, seriousness, and anarchic freedom intertwined.

05:53 Reached out for financial advice, felt empowered.

06:46 Passion for financial literacy, empowering others.

11:31 Growing up in colonial political system's impact.

14:58 Personal pursuits are important, including financial planning.

19:26 Confidence, ease, and overcoming fear of numbers.

21:06 Debt system and collective trauma affect society.

25:09 Individual and collective money identity, somatic practices.

26:29 Judging others based on money reflects self-worth.

30:26 Experiencing love outweighs scarcity in tough situations.

34:24 Polyamory taught me to invest love and money across different sources.

37:39 Shared experiences create deep connections and fears.

42:21 Embrace inner confidence, express authenticity, overcome shrinking.

43:52 Emphasizing value, depth, heart in sales practices.

49:37 1. Evergreen program with one-on-one sessions

51:05 Encouraging listeners to review and share podcast.



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