Ep #19: Thriving Alcohol~free with Dupe Witherick

Ever feel a sense that alcohol isn’t serving you or helping you live your best life?

if so, you’re going to love this conversation with. Dupe Withirick, a transformational coach and author devoted to guiding others towards an alcohol-free life.

Dupe, an advocate for living with purpose and clarity, shares her paradigm-shifting perspectives on the 'gray area drinker' and dismantles the myths surrounding socially acceptable consumption.

In a candid exchange, we delve into the societal pressures, the stigmas, and the often-unrecognized impacts of even minimal alcohol use. Dupe recounts her own turning point—a literal and figurative ascent on Mount Kilimanjaro—and the subsequent lockdown epiphany that led to her abstaining from alcohol, discovering a vibrant community along the way.

You'll hear how taking a break from drinking isn't just about hitting rock bottom; it's a decision that can reawaken freedoms, opportunities, and the bravery to reclaim one's true self. .

Join us as we not only share the transformative impact of alcohol-free choices but also offer practical tips, resources, and support for those curious about taking this empowering step for themselves.

So whether you're sober-curious, in pursuit of holistic health, or simply seeking deeper connections in life, this episode promises to challenge your perceptions, encourage introspection, and perhaps, inspire a personal revolution.




00:00 Special guest discusses living alcohol-free lifestyle.

03:54 Majority of people are normal drinkers, gray area.

09:13 Interesting encounter with alcohol-free sparkling wine.

12:54 Worrying about holiday drinking, but committed anyway.

15:12 Champagne triggered realization of alcohol addiction.

19:07 Constantly negotiating with alcohol, reclaiming personal power.

20:08 Negotiating with alcohol feels like an abusive relationship.

24:49 Alcohol harms body, similar to class A drug.

28:00 Questioning cultural perceptions of drinking and integrity.

30:24 Connecting with God changes faith and journey.

34:19 Scared of failing, but found success detoxing.

39:00 Arriving at airport early, drinks affect travel.

42:05 Life coach's podcast on controlling drinking inspiration.

45:42 Plan ahead, choose non-alcoholic drinks confidently.

47:10 People generally care more about themselves.

52:02 Give yourself permission to be alcohol-free.

55:28 Online course, kickstart challenge, thrive alcohol-free society.

56:32 Deeply grateful for your help.



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