Ep #21: Releasing Trauma and Living Your Purpose with Intuitive Breathworker Susie Smith

This week we dive into the transformative world of breathwork with my incredible guest, Susie Smith.

An expert in conscious connected breath work, Susie shares her own personal healing journey and how this led her to her current role sharing workshops and one-on-one sessions.

I’ve been a participant in a session with her and its effects were nothing short of magic.

We also talk about the underestimated potency of intuition and the serendipity of trusting life’s flow, which is how Susie and I first connected.

From discussing the natural DMT in our lungs and the marvel of turning pain into wisdom, to understanding the unique energies of group and individual sessions, Susie unpacks the extensive benefits of incorporating daily breath work into our routines. She emphasizes the importance of finding what resonates with each person and shares her own weekly practice that has been instrumental in her journey.

Join us as Susie and I reflect on the profound impact of deep breath work – from personal healing to eliciting astounding spiritual experiences, and discover why she believes the breath is the most essential nutrient we have.

Today’s episode with Susie Smith is an open invitation to breathe deeply and live from the heart. Pull up a chair, hit play and let’s take a conscious inhalation together 🙏💙



00:00 Breath work will be as popular as yoga.

04:03 Breath work: key for emotional and physical health.

07:59 PA leverages early knowledge for successful voluntary redundancy.

09:33 Profound breath work experience leaves lasting impact.

13:54 Ceremonial session reconfirms purpose and brings relief.

16:16 Deep breathing activates natural DMT in lungs.

19:02 Hosting workshops is energizing, but physically taxing.

24:15 Proper breath essential for overall bodily function.

26:28 Men suppress vulnerability, release trauma through shaking.

31:18 Lost family, trauma, drugs, toxic relationships, unresolved.

35:11 Embracing shamanic teachings, connection with ancestors deepens.

37:37 First job lifted me out of darkness.

40:57 Intuitive breath work, online and in London.

42:50 Alignment of higher self, intuition, and body.

45:56 Breath teaches turning pain into wisdom, awareness.


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