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For centuries female voices have been ignored, insulted, sidelined and silenced.

Women and feminine qualities have been similarly denigrated, derided and persecuted.

Since the dawn of the patriarchy, it has not been safe to be a woman AND an artist.

Today the world is changing…

But for this change to happen, women have to reclaim their voices, heal their ancestral wounds and step into their true power as women AND creators.

When we do this individually, collectively this creates an unstoppable shift in the paradigms of our planet.

In this free 4 day masterclass, we’re going to go on a journey to explore what this means for you and for us.

If you’re a woman and you want to unleash your true powers, please join me for this free masterclass and invite your sisters and female friends.

What: Free masterclass series with Sundance award-winning screenwriter and director Diane Bell

When: These life-changing sessions are pre-recorded and available for you to watch on your own schedule.

Where: The classes are hosted in an exclusive Facebook group – you can tune in from wherever you choose to be

These trainings are for you if you are a female artist who:

  • Wants to understand and transform the paradigms that have held you back
  • Desires to reach your fullest potential as an artist and a human
  • Doesn’t want to succeed by emulating men and masculine models of creativity 
  • Is ready to plug in to your true source of power 
  • Intuitively knows this time in history is unique  – and that you are ready to step up and help the world evolve
Picture of Diane and Chris on set

Some feedback from previous masterclasses:

“I couldn’t be a bigger fan of Diane and her masterclasses! Both Operation Greenlight and The Next Level have been incredible sources of help, wisdom and insight for me. Not least because Diane’s masterclasses are not just about the creative/filmmaking/screenwriting life and practical process, but crucially focus on the ‘inner work’ - which, like Diane, I fundamentally feel we need to do in order to achieve our goals and dreams. The classes are honestly invaluable – and Diane’s thoughtfulness, warmth and generosity of spirit shine through everything she says and teaches.”
Andrea Mann
“Acclaimed screenwriter and revered mentor Diane Bell guides her students on a magical journey of self discovery, empowerment and personal transformation with  a profound sense of  spiritual growth. Sprinkled with a delightful sense of wit and wisdom Bell shares her methods and experience in overcoming life‘s challenges, how to live a successful, financially free, creative life, filled with limitless potential where dreams really do come true. Powerful and provocative.”
Maire Tashjian
“I have taken screenwriting courses from a number of leaders in the industry and was quite satisfied with a few. None come close to the wonderful experience of classes from Diane Bell and her Shoot From The Heart Society. Diane’s classes and means of teaching are thought provoking and inspiring. Capturing your attention for the entire time, you are propelled forward, excited to put forward what you learned. There is no other teacher or mentor that reaches this height in my estimation. If you have the opportunity to join one of her free Master Class sessions and don’t participate, you are cheating yourself of the best thing you can do for yourself or your writing. Diane is the crème de la crème.”
Maeve Thunderchild

A note from Diane...

Diane Bell - Filmmaker and Screenwriter

For the first time in thousands of years, women are free to create the lives we dream of.

We are free to create the art that is in our hearts and veins.

We can let our voices be heard.  


And yet, so many of us are still caught in fear.  

Fear that we’re not enough.

Fear that other women are better than us.

Fear that we need to be different to who we truly are, to sacrifice our feminine energy, if we want to succeed.

Sister, I want to have a conversation with you that will rip you open and remind you who you truly are.

It is time for the female artists of the world to rise, and in this 4 day masterclass, you’re going to tap in to your limitless power as woman and creator so that you are part of that rising.  

I can’t wait to share these sessions with you.

xo Diane


"I simply can’t get enough of Diane Bell’s inspired wisdom! I signed up for both Operation Green Light and Next Level, back to back. If you are a creative individual (I think we all are), you know the ups and downs of this life. Diane combines a contagious and enthusiastic positivity with a down-to-earth practical approach that is relatable and universal no matter what your discipline. Whether it’s just one class, or everything she has to offer, to let Diane Bell in your life will be a game changer for your creative game!"
Jill Orschel
"Diane Bell is an amazing talent who's decided to share her wealth of wisdom with aspiring filmmakers. Anyone looking to get their next project off the ground should be checking out all of Diane's wonderful online content. She's brilliant, kind, passionate, and always inspiring.”
Jack Stranger
"Diane's masterclasses are just that. This lady reaches way beyond the realm of the obvious. In Operation Greenlight there was enough info in there that might take you a year to access on a Psychologist couch. Diane shoots from the heart and it goes straight to the heart. I think I could say without fear of contradiction that she is as real as it gets. Her passion is to share her knowledge knowhow and the wealth of having walked the walk, speaks volumes. These masterclasses and courses are no nonsense and heart driven.Thank you Diane - keep shining!"
Clare McKay

Diane Bell, screenwriter, director and mentor, has written and directed three feature films, including Obselidia, which won two awards at the Sundance Film Festival and was nominated for two Independent Spirit Awards, including one for best first screenplay. She has co-written two screenplays with John McTiernan, the legendary director of Die Hard, as well as sold multiple screenplays and TV pilots. She is the author of a best selling guide to indie filmmaking, SHOOT FROM THE HEART, and is obsessed with empowering others with the real life knowledge they need to write their screenplays, make their movies and live the abundant, creative lives of their dreams.

See you soon!

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