The Secrets of Screenwriting Success

A Series of 3 Masterclasses

There are hundreds of books that promise to teach you the formula for writing a million dollar screenplay.

And yet the experience so many aspiring screenwriters have is one of frustration, doubt, and mediocre results.

This life-changing masterclass will change that forever.  

I’m not going to teach you a tired formula or a set of rigid rules you have to adhere to.  

Instead, I am going to guide you on a three day journey that will unleash your unique creative magic so that you  are able to write screenplays that have the elusive standout factor that makes them magnets to producers, financiers and talent.

Wherever you are in your screenwriting journey, you’re going to walk away from this masterclass empowered with a new sense of clarity about your screenwriting – and how to ignite it with the magic in it .

If you’re ready to take your screenwriting to a level you’ve never believed possible, don’t miss these life-changing trainings.

Diane Bell - Filmmaker and Screenwriter

What:  masterclass series with Sundance award-winning screenwriter and director Diane Bell

When:  Prerecorded sessions can be watched in your own schedule

Where: The classes are hosted in an exclusive FB group and can be watched wherever you like to be 🙂

These trainings are for you if...

  • You have written screenplays but so far have been unable to sell them
  • You want to write a screenplay but are unsure how to start and how to make sure what you are writing is worthwhile
  • You are ready to challenge the way you think and aren’t afraid of looking deep inside
  • You are committed to your path and serious about writing amazing, standout screenplays
Picture of Diane and Chris on set

Here's some feedback from the previous masterclasses:

‘Diane’s masterclasses and courses are fresh, informative and practical. She provides a realistic insight into the film industry, while being an encouraging mentor and guide. Diane has given me inspiration to follow my dream and the tools to make it happen. Highly recommended.’
Bel Hunt
“I have taken screenwriting courses from a number of leaders in the industry and was quite satisfied with a few. None come close to the wonderful experience of classes from Diane Bell and her Shoot From The Heart Society. Diane’s classes and means of teaching are thought provoking and inspiring. Capturing your attention for the entire time, you are propelled forward, excited to put forward what you learned. There is no other teacher or mentor that reaches this height in my estimation. If you have the opportunity to join one of her free Master Class sessions and don’t participate, you are cheating yourself of the best thing you can do for yourself or your writing. Diane is the crème de la crème.”
Maeve Thunderchild
“I couldn’t be a bigger fan of Diane and her masterclasses! Both Operation Greenlight and The Next Level have been incredible sources of help, wisdom and insight for me. Not least because Diane’s masterclasses are not just about the creative/filmmaking/screenwriting life and practical process, but crucially focus on the ‘inner work’ - which, like Diane, I fundamentally feel we need to do in order to achieve our goals and dreams. The classes are honestly invaluable – and Diane’s thoughtfulness, warmth and generosity of spirit shine through everything she says and teaches.”
Andrea Mann
"I just wanted to share my experiences with Diane Bell and her amazing masterclasses on screenwriting. I am a veteran film maker with 36 years of experience in film and TV in the action field (stunts). I have learned so much and have been rejuvenated as I take my next steps into film directing and producing. Diane's energy is electric, it will get you excited and help guide you through the steps to being successful in this brutal business. Not only do I recommend her classes and podcasts but I will be continuing to follow them as I work in the best industry a person could ever imagine. Thank you Diane for all you do, so shamelessly. Your knowledge and wisdom is so appreciated by so many of us."
Chuck Borden
"I simply can’t get enough of Diane Bell’s inspired wisdom! I signed up for both Operation Green Light and Next Level, back to back. If you are a creative individual (I think we all are), you know the ups and downs of this life. Diane combines a contagious and enthusiastic positivity with a down-to-earth practical approach that is relatable and universal no matter what your discipline. Whether it’s just one class, or everything she has to offer, to let Diane Bell in your life will be a game changer for your creative game!"
Jill Orschel
"I love Diane Bells energy and generosity. She is sharing so much of her experiences and is a real boost of energy and excitement, making us all believe in ourselves and our projects. And most important of all; she is pulling out the fun and the playfulness in the work too. I would recommend the courses with Diane Bell to anyone who wants to propell forward with their projects and hopes and wishes for inspiration and practical mentoring at the time. And not least, good company on the way!”
Carina Notivoli
"Diane Bell is an amazing talent who's decided to share her wealth of wisdom with aspiring filmmakers. Anyone looking to get their next project off the ground should be checking out all of Diane's wonderful online content. She's brilliant, kind, passionate, and always inspiring.”
Jack Stranger
"Truth. That’s what Diane Bell’s masterclass is all about. You will be listening to Diane’s lecture and you’ll connect with something she says. A truth that you once ignored. A path you didn’t travel, but you wished you did. Or a path you started down but turned back. Diane will motivate you to continue that journey. The truth Diane provides will help you complete your screenplay or finish your first feature film. Diane is a master motivator; the masterclass is definitely worth it."
Leon Jackson
"Diane is extraordinarily gifted - combines inspiring authenticity while providing many insights to success from real world experience. I highly recommend her!"
Daniel Hime
“I really enjoy being part of this group. Diane is so amazing encouraging positive attitudes. Everybody is respectful and I love reading comments and how people communicate. Diane is a great mentor, very motivating, building self confidence and passion for art. I can listen to her anytime and I get feeling of understanding different phases involved in film making and writing. She maintains a healthy balance when explaining personal obstacles, financial challenges or competition and selling issues. ”
Agniezska Flow
“I was in the middle of organizing a writing competition when I signed up to one of Diane's free courses on screenwriting. I had never really thought about my writing being produced on the big screen although many people had told me my work was very visual and ideal for film or television. That first session with Diane put me straight. With her practical advice and experience combined with her openness and integrity, 'telling it like it is' I felt in a safe place where I, too, could be open and reach the next level, even if I never had before. An added and unexpected bonus was the interesting and helpful people who took part in the course and created the basis for a collaborative community. I am now in discussions with a producer but other aspects of my life have turned around too. My friends who signed up when I told them about these sessions have also been impressed and inspired."

Brenda Henderson
"Diane Bell delivers such incredible knowledge from her experience in screenwriting and pitching projects. Not only is she knowledgeable, but she is absolutely encouraging. There are times I watch her masterclass videos live, but I normally watch the replay, because Diane provides so much information, I need to pause and take notes. Aside from Diane, everyone who watches the videos and are part of the Shoot From The Heart Society are always positive and supportive."
Andrew Rupp
"As a complete newbie to the business, I am constantly trying to navigate my way around the industry and I couldn’t be more grateful to have stumbled across your community of creatives (The Shoot from the Heart Society) and insightful masterclasses. The Next Level was my first masterclass of yours and I was blown away by the comfortable and safe atmosphere you created that encouraged listeners to share. I have recently entered a pilot I have been slowly working on for the last 2 years to the ScreenCraft comedy competition. I always thought it was a long shot but minutes into Day 1 of The Next Level I had this overwhelming sense of ‘This might actually work!’ So, from the bottom of my heart thank you so much for everything you are doing."
Beth Whitehouse
"Diane's masterclasses are just that. This lady reaches way beyond the realm of the obvious. In Operation Greenlight there was enough info in there that might take you a year to access on a Psychologist couch. Diane shoots from the heart and it goes straight to the heart. I think I could say without fear of contradiction that she is as real as it gets. Her passion is to share her knowledge knowhow and the wealth of having walked the walk, speaks volumes. If I never get to the Island of film success I am very glad I sailed in this boat, but I am in there and moving like a big old tortoise but I will get there. These masterclasses and courses are no nonsense and heart driven.Thank you Diane - keep shining!"
Clare McKay
" I did listen to all three "Free masterclasses". Not often do we get something of real value and deep intellect like these three hours, nearly five hours. They were very motivating. First and foremost I love her voice. Her British accent is a bonus + her no BS, telling us it's not going to be an overnight success wakes us up. Sometimes her real life attitude, the kids popping by with her making a fuss are fun. Her reasoning really touched me on many points. Sometimes she even drove nails deep into my mind. I have never ever listened to someone online, three days in a row without fast forwarding. My SO was concerned, like is he joining a cult?! Thank you!"
Vic Vicarious
“Acclaimed screenwriter and revered mentor Diane Bell guides her students on a magical journey of self discovery, empowerment and personal transformation with  a profound sense of  spiritual growth. Sprinkled with a delightful sense of wit and wisdom Bell shares her methods and experience in overcoming life‘s challenges, how to live a successful, financially free, creative life, filled with limitless potential where dreams really do come true. Powerful and provocative.”
Maire Tashjian
"I have absolutely loved Diane Bell's masterclasses. A lot of other classes teach you what you should and shouldn't do, but hers not only does that, but also helps get your mind focused in order to achieve it. Really, truly, unlike any other classes available - I recommend them (and the Shoot From the Heart podcast) to my writer friends all the time. "
Joni Mitchell
“Diane Bell’s masterclasses are the best. I couldn’t recommend them more! They’re always a great mix of technical, very specific advice on specific skills, and the mindset work that creative people need above all else - but is never really talked about out there. It’s real content and value. Worth every minute of your time.”
Flavia Ruiz

Diane Bell, screenwriter, director and mentor, has written and directed three feature films, including Obselidia, which won two awards at the Sundance Film Festival and was nominated for two Independent Spirit Awards, including one for best first screenplay. She has co-written two screenplays with John McTiernan, the legendary director of Die Hard, as well as sold multiple screenplays and TV pilots. She is the author of a best selling guide to indie filmmaking, SHOOT FROM THE HEART, and is obsessed with empowering others with the real life knowledge they need to write their screenplays, make their movies and live the abundant, creative lives of their dreams.

Let's do this!

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