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If You're Ready to Stop Talking About Making Your Movie and Actually Make It, You're In The Right Place

In the Shoot From the Heart Filmmaking Academy, you’re going to learn a way to develop, finance and distribute films that is completely self-starting and can be done by anyone, anywhere.

If you’re willing to do the work, you can get your movie made.

There is absolutely nothing to stop you. 

This epic course will guide you from developing your script right through to selling your movie, ensuring that at each stage of the filmmaking process you are making the best decisions –

and that will result in you making the best movie possible.

Because let’s be clear: it’s not enough to just make a movie.

Thousands of people will do that every year – and most of their movies will never be seen anywhere.

If you’re going to work your butt off making a movie, you might as well aim super high:

Empower yourself with the knowledge and tools you need to make a kick-ass, standout, award winning movie that you will be proud of for the rest of your life.


Or are you STILL making excuses, such as:


and it’s time to put the fears aside and take the steps you need to take to make it happen.

In this course, we’ll cover all of your concerns in detail – and a shit ton more – giving you the tools you need as well as the confidence to succeed.

Say goodbye to ALL your excuses, all the obstacles that have been holding you back.

With the Shoot From the Heart Film Academy, you’ll have lifetime access to over six hours of pre-recorded content and supportive worksheets.

These will provide you with a clear actionable plan as well as the REAL LIFE knowledge you need to make an awesome movie.

You’ll also have personal support via the EXCLUSIVE FACEBOOK GROUP to hold you accountable and keep you on track (if you want it!) –

If you’re serious about making a movie, this course will light a fire under you and fuel you ALL THE WAY to a completed movie.

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I freaking know you can, because I’ve done it, and I’m not special in any way, except perhaps to my family!

I’m Diane Bell.

I don’t have a trust fund, and I was born in Dumfries, Scotland, which is about as far from Hollywood as Mars.

I never even met a filmmaker until I was in my 20’s.

And for years after that, it still seemed like an impossible dream.

I’d grown up believing that people like ME didn’t make movies.

But then I did it.

Without connections in the industry or wealthy relatives, I raised the money I needed and made a movie that was selected for Sundance, won awards, and took my career to a different level.

I also had the time of my life making it and made a film I’ll be proud of for the rest of my life.

In the Shoot From the Heart Filmmaking Academy, you’re going to learn how to do it too.

Shoot From the Heart Academy

A Video-Based Training Program That Teaches You STEP-BY-STEP How To Get Your Film Made

Diane Bell directing on set

Featured In

The course is organized into eight modules, covering everything that’s essential for making and distributing a standout indie film.

It provides an easy-to-reference, actionable plan to keep you on track as you go through the process of making a movie.

Once you register you will receive access to ALL of the modules, including worksheets and bonuses.

I share them all with you immediately so that no matter where you are in the process, you can jump in and get the relevant information (ie you don’t have to wait weeks for the lessons you want NOW).

You will have lifetime access to them, as well as to any and all future updates.

Making a movie obviously isn’t done in eight weeks (or even eight months), so it’s important that you can work through the material in your own time and use it as you need it.

This is not a course in the traditional sense – it’s a guide to your journey.

Previous students say that they watch/listen to different classes on repeat as they hit a new stage in their filmmaking process.

At the end of each lesson, you’ll find downloadable PDF worksheets that provide you with journaling prompts and actions to take.  


If you do the work of each lesson, not only will you make your film – you’ll also make the best one you can.

The lessons will take the stress out of the journey, because you’ll know that you’re making good choices and focused on what matters every step of the way.

The Course is Closed. Sign Up to get notified when it reopens.

About This Course

Here's What You'll Learn

In the eight modules, you will learn everything that’s essential to making a standout movie – and nothing else.

My aim is to make it as simple as possible, so that at each stage you’re focused on what’s truly important and never wasting time worrying about anything else.

Everything I share comes from a place of authenticity.

What that means is it’s never theory and it’s not necessarily what you would learn in film school.

It’s all based on my real life experience making three feature films that have premiered at top fests like Sundance and Tribeca and been nominated for multiple Independent Spirit Awards.

I share with you the secrets of my success – as well as the mistakes I’ve made so you can avoid them.

The lessons will provide you with a clear, simple and actionable plan to making your own standout movie, as well as the mindset tactics that will make your success inevitable.

You’ll learn the hands-on business of making a successful indie film: how to assemble an irresistible package for raising finance, who you should approach for money and how to make sure you get it.

You will never worry about raising money for your films again after learning my technique. For real.

You’ll also get a ton of practical information on the artistic side of filmmaking, giving you the confidence to make a feature, even if you’ve never made a short before.

I address the potential bumps in the road, so that you’ll know what to expect and how to deal with it at every step of the way (from dealing with rejection from possible financiers to getting bad reviews from critics: I’ve been there, done it and  got you covered).

My approach is honest, nuts and bolts, real world, street smart, totally unconventional – and it freaking works!

If you are ready to take the leap and actually MAKE A MOVIE, rather than talk about it, jump in…and DO IT.

Shot from Of Dust and Bones

Course Content

  • The videos range in length from about 5 minutes to 25 minutes – in total there’s over 6 hours of video lessons that will keep you on track EVERY step of the way.
  • Each lesson has a downloadable worksheet that will take your movie to the next level.
  • There are many downloadable bonuses including an actual budget from one of my films, an actual schedule, a sample operating agreement, and the actual business plan I used to raise over $180k.  
  • Checklists, a start date calculator, and affirmations to work with are also included.
  • NEW BONUS (September 2019): A video training on HOW TO GUARANTEE YOUR SUCCESS.

The Lessons

  • Welcome to the Course! 
  • Introduction – what to expect 

In this module, you learn why the essential foundation of any standout indie film is a singular script, and how to make sure yours fits that bill.  Then you’ll learn the importance and magic of setting a start date, as well as how to do it.

  • Lesson 1: The Keys to a Standout Script
  • Lesson 2: When is My Script Ready to “go out?”
  • Lesson 3: What if I’m Not a Screenwriter?
  • Lesson 4: Set a Start Date – the key to success

Once you have a script and a start date, you need to create a package so that you can raise finance.  In this module, you’ll learn how to create a solid business foundation for your movie – starting with finding the person you need to create your budget and schedule. 

Even if you’ve never looked at a movie budget or schedule, you’ll learn exactly what you should be aiming for so you’re setting yourself up for success.  You’ll also master the art of the movie business plan, getting access to the actual plan I used to raise $180k for a very non-commercial movie.

  • Lesson 5: Find a Line Producer
  • Lesson 6: Make a Budget
  • Lesson 7: Scheduling for Success
  • Lesson 8: Write a Business Plan

In this module, you’ll learn my unique formula for creating a concept trailer for your movie that will make raising finance easy.  To do that, you’ll gather key crew and cast – and in this module you’ll learn the keys to creating a team that will make pure magic together.

  • Lesson 9: Find Key Crew
  • Lesson 10: Cast Your Key Roles
  • Lesson 11: Make a Concept Trailer

This module is focused on an area that blocks many indie filmmakers – raising finance.  You’ll not only learn who to approach for money, and how to approach them, you’ll also get my tips and techniques for creating an unstoppable mindset that truly will change everything!

In addition to this, there’s a lesson on crowdfunding that will take the overwhelm out of it, and turn it into something fun.

  • Lesson 12: Raise the Money
  • Lesson 13: The Mindset You Need to Raise Finance
  • Lesson 14: The Art of Crowdfunding

Now you’ll get into the meat of filmmaking (or the tofu if you’re vegetarian!) – you’ll learn exactly which crew members you need to hire and simple strategies to assemble the BEST team, planning that need to happen in pre-production so your shoot is smooth, as well as strategies for directors to make sure you are fully prepared.

  • Lesson 15: Recruiting Your Crew
  • Lesson 16: Cast Your Smaller Roles
  • Lesson 17: Preproduction Essentials
  • Lesson 18: A Director’s Guide to Preproduction

This module covers everything you need to know to make your shoot fantastic.  Without good acting, your movie doesn’t have a chance, so there’s also an entire lesson devoted to working with actors, making sure that you have the tools to help them reach Oscar-worthy performances.

  • Lesson 19: Get Your Movie in the Can
  • Lesson 20: Working with Actors

On a practical level, this module guides your through post-production sharing exactly what you need to do to finish your film successfully.  There’s also a lesson on what to expect emotionally, as sometimes this can be a tough part of the journey.

  • Lesson 21: The Edit
  • Lesson 22: Final Stages of Post Production
  • Lesson 23: When You Finish…

In the last module, you’ll get the secrets of how to create a fantastic festival strategy as well as an entire lesson on what a successful distribution looks like and how to achieve it.

  • Lesson 24: You Are Awesome!
  • Lesson 25: Execute Your Distribution Plan

In addition to all of this you'll also receive:

With this personal support and community, you will be UNSTOPPABLE.

The Course is Closed. Sign Up to get notified when it reopens.


You're just seconds away from the essential training, advice and support to plan, produce and distribute your film in 2020.

A New Way - The Self-Empowered Way

The method I teach is different – because you don’t need anyone to give you permission to make a movie.

You raise the money you need, and you make the movie you want to make.

No compromises.

You have an awesome, inspired, creatively fulfilling time doing it.

You plan the distribution from day one, so that you make money from your film…and here’s the best part: you get to do it again, as often as you like, for the rest of your life.

The aim is not to make a single film, but to make many.  To create the situation in which you can keep making them, no matter what.

That’s what this course and community will give you: a blueprint for freedom as a filmmaker for the rest of your life.

A Proven Method

Obselidia Movie Poster

The method I share is largely based on my own experiences, both good and bad, making my first feature, Obselidia.

This film was made for $140k using private equity finance that I raised myself, with no star names or connections.

It was made as far off the conventional film-world grid as you can imagine, and yet Obselidia premiered in competition at the Sundance Film Festival, where it won two awards.  It went on to play at film festivals around the world, and was nominated for two Independent Spirit Awards.

In this course, you will learn exactly how I did it, step by simple step, giving you a manageable blueprint of how to make it happen yourself. 

This self-starting method doesn’t fly with conventional wisdom of how to go about making a movie.

But it works, and there’s nothing to stop you except your own doubt.

From dreaming about making a movie to watching that movie premiere at Sundance took little more than a year for me, and seriously: It could be the same for you. 

Obviously, I can’t guarantee that your film will get into Sundance, sell for millions and win big awards.

No one can guarantee that, and I know that I was super lucky.

But what I can guarantee is that if you follow the steps in this course, you will make your film—or, at the very least, you will lose all your excuses for not doing it.

And if you want to, you won’t just make one film, but you will hold the keys to a successful career as a filmmaker, if that is your dream.

Don’t wait any longer – START TODAY AND MAKE YOUR MOVIE.

Don't Take My Word For It

Here's what others have to say

About Me

Diane Bell - Filmmaker and Author I feel like you must know me by now, but in case you want a formal introduction, let’s do it! I’m Diane, and I’m an award winning screenwriter and director, which is pretty freaking amazing because I certainly didn’t grow up thinking that was possible. My first feature, OBSELIDIA, premiered in Dramatic Competition at Sundance, where it won two awards, and went on to be nominated for two Independent Spirit Awards. My second film, BLEEDING HEART, a drama starring Jessica Biel and Zosia Mamet, premiered at Tribeca, and is widely available on Amazon Prime and Hulu. My most recent feature, OF DUST AND BONES, is currently in festivals. I started my career in film as a screenwriter (before that I was a philosophy student and a yoga teacher), and I’ve written numerous commissioned and optioned scripts, including two with the renowned director John McTiernan (director of Die Hard and The Hunt for Red October). Partly because it was so hard for me to become a filmmaker, I’m passionate about sharing my knowledge and experience to empower and inspire others to break through their obstacles and achieve things they think are impossible. Since 2014 I’ve taught live workshops on how to make a successful indie film – these workshops provided the basis for the lessons in the Shoot From the Heart Filmmaking Academy. My book, SHOOT FROM THE HEART is a guide to successful indie filmmaking and is widely available. It’s my honor and obsession to help others make their movies.  If you want to make one, I’m rooting for you.

The Course is Closed. Sign Up to get notified when it reopens.


Frequently Asked Questions

It’s for anyone (and everyone) who wants to make a standout movie – whether they have experience or not.

Absolutely not! This course will walk you through everything and is designed to inform and empower anyone, regardless of experience, to make a stand out film.

Definitely not. Think of it as your planner and organizer so you can free up your brain space for more creative things…and let the course guide you through the process.

I believe this course is worth 10x what we are charging, there is so much value in it – but If you’re not 100% thrilled with the it, we’ll totally refund your money, within a 30 day period.

Of course I can’t because it’s totally dependent on you doing the work! But I will say this: if you DO THE WORK, you totally will make your movie. There’s no reason for you not to.

I wish! I’m not a financier. However, I’ll always be happy to share about your crowdfunding campaign on my social media channels, so be sure to keep me in the loop about that!

I’m a filmmaker myself… not a distributor!

At present we don’t but it’s definitely something we’ll consider in the future.  

The ways it’s designed, you do it in your own time.  If you want to power through it at the rate of a module per week, you totally can.  It will take about an hour to watch/listen to the videos for each module plus an hour to do the exercises on the worksheet.

This isn’t like a college class though where you need to complete classes to get a good grade.

 This is about guiding you through making your movie.  This course is a resource that you will refer to throughout that process.

You’re not doing it to do the course…you’re using it as a resource and roadmap for making your movie.

I occasionally offer consultancies, depending on where I am with my own projects. Reach out to me personally at

Registration for this course opens twice a year, in January and September.   Please remember though that once you register, you do have LIFETIME access to the course and to all future updates.  

Please send an email to me: and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

The Course is Closed. Sign Up to get notified when it reopens.

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