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Creatively Fulfilled,
Financially Free

A course for artists who are ready to claim the life of their dreams

Diane Bell

It's time to let go of the struggle -

It doesn’t have to be this way, and in this unique course, we tackle the issues you have around creativity and money that are holding you back from ultimate success as a screenwriter, filmmaker or other artist.

We’ll dig deep into your beliefs about making art and making money, then deliberately restructure them so that they support you in the world and allow you to create the life of your dreams.

This course won’t be teaching you the “how to” (ie the practicals like how to make money from streaming and selling your film or how to raise finance), and I won’t be giving financial advice.  I’m not a financial advisor and I’m not qualified to do that.

It will provide you with the information and tools to identify and change your underlying beliefs around creativity and money so that you get radically different results than those you’ve had up until now.

Hi, I'm Diane Bell

Image of Diane Bell - Author and Filmmaker

I grew up thinking that being a working artist was just a crazy dream.  It wasn’t realistic or practical.

But since doing the work in this course, I’ve:

Probably most importantly: I’ve changed my money story and flicked the switch from always struggling with money  to feeling secure and supported by it.

In my mid-20’s I was broke, lacking in confidence, working in a sandwich shop and sure that I had messed up my life for good.

Committing to doing the inner work to change my ideas about what was possible for me and what I was worthy of changed everything.

I’m obsessed with helping other people succeed and do what they think is impossible and unrealistic.

If you’re ready to blow your own mind and make your wildest dreams come true, please  join me and I’ll give you tools, techniques and the inspiration to do it.

I’m rooting for you!

Diane Bell
The course will teach you how to recognize and shift your core beliefs around money and creativity, so that you can start living an abundant and supported life as an artist.

You can spend your whole life DOING all the things you’re supposed to as a filmmaker, screenwriter or artist, and yet still be broke and struggling with money.

You can work your ass off making multiple films and still find it hard to pay your rent.

You can write multiple scripts, win awards and competitions with them…and still be unable to quit your day job.

You can hustle from morning to night with literally nothing to show for it.

I’m sure you know artists like this (or maybe I’m describing you).

You can have the “how to” of your art 100% figured out, but still live month to month with no safety net and feel constantly stressed about money.

Sound familiar?  

It’s quite simply because you haven’t developed the mindset around money and creativity that will let it all flow easily.

This course is about who you are being and why THAT creates your results (NOT what you are doing).  And when you change that – you change your life.

Here’s the thing: 

You can’t have something if you don’t believe it’s possible for you or you don’t feel worthy of it.

Read that again if you need to.

And sure, you might think: of course I know it’s possible for me, I’m just not getting the financial results I want.

If you’re not getting the results you want, trust me: you have some limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

If you didn’t, you’d already be getting the results you dream of.

When you believe 100% that you can be abundant AND creatively free and take consistent action from that belief, you will get different results.

Let’s be clear: the results you are getting at the moment are a total reflection of your beliefs up until now and nothing more.

If you’re not happy with the financial or creative results you’re getting, it’s time to try something new.

Money can’t flow to you if you’re blocking it with limiting beliefs.

I know this because I personally struggled with money for years.

Despite having exceptional creative results (making films that premiered at film festivals like Sundance and Tribeca, winning awards and being nominated for Independent Spirit Awards), I was often broke and worried about how I’d pay my rent.

For years, I went without any kind of health insurance, constantly worried about how ends would meet and didn’t take any vacations.

It was a feast or famine cycle – and it felt out of my control.

But now I know why the money problem persisted for me, even while getting epic creative results.

If you feel trapped in the cycle of “never enough”, this course will change that forever.

I used to believe things like:

Any of these sound familiar?

If you are operating from any of these kinds of thoughts, money will be a struggle for you.

No matter what you do (ie no matter how hard you work, how talented you are or what you create), you will struggle financially. 

But if you commit to doing the inner work everything will change.

I’ve experienced this firsthand. 

Now it’s my honor to share the work with you so that you can make the shift from struggling artist to wildly abundant, successful and fulfilled creative.

In this Course

You will go on a transformational journey with me.

First, you’ll do the groundwork with 4 modules that form THE FOUNDATION.

In Module 1, you’ll take stock of where you are, how you got here, and where you’d REALLY love to be.  Then you’ll learn a life-changing 8 step process to achieve your dreams, both financial and creative.

In Module 2, we’ll dig into everything money. Money is such a taboo and sticky subject for so many artists, but we’re going to pull it out in the open and explore what you believe about it.

Once you excavate those core beliefs and examine where they came from, you’ll learn an incredibly effective method to release and shift any blocks that are holding you back.

In Module 3, the theme is inspired action. You’ll learn the importance of choosing positive nourishment in everything you consume as well as pick up practical tips to invite the flow of money into your life.  This is when we start to truly integrate this new way of being into your life.

Then in Module 4, we’ll focus on the energy of receiving and what that means. We’ll explore what might hold you back or derail you as you move forward with this inner work.

Beyond The Foundation of the first 4 weeks, you will find yourself in a library of materials to support your growth and evolution.

In Module 5, you’ll learn the truth about the Quantum Field – and how to use it to consciously create the life and results you want.  Even if you think you know all about this – this one of a kind lesson will blow your mind and change everything.

Module 6 is a deep dive into the Compound Effect that will deepen your understanding of what it really takes to make your big dreams come true and fuel your journey.

Module 7  is on the topic of LIVING FROM THE FUTURE.  This is a next level training in which you will learn how to shift your focus from the past to the future so that you can start living in a way that created the life you dream of.

Module 8 is  THE PLEASURE PRINCIPLE.  This one is a game changer. We look at one of the most overlooked aspects of creating great results – the importance of living NOW in a state of joy.  You won’t want to miss this magical transmission.

You will also have access to the 2 hour and 22 minute training (considered to be Module 9): PIVOT TO POWER, an in-depth training on how to stay in your power when circumstances in your life are far from what you desire.  

On Dec 9 2021, I’ll be sharing the final piece of the puzzle, THE LAST REEL – and once you join you will have access to this for one year.

Module 1

We do the groundwork. Take stock of where you are, how you got here, and where you'd REALLY love to be. Then you'll learn a life-changing 8 step process to achieve your dreams, both financial and creative.

Module 3

The theme is inspired action. You'll learn the importance of choosing positive nourishment in everything you consume as well as pick up practical tips to invite the flow of money into your life.

Module 5

You take a profound journey into the Quantum Field and learn why you often repel the things you want - and how to change that. This training will blow your mind.

Module 2

We dig into everything money. Money is such a taboo and sticky subject for so many artists, but we're going to dig deep into what you believe about money and then shift your identity around it. MAGIC.

Module 4

We focus on the energy of receiving and what that means. We'll explore what might hold you back as you integrate this work so that you stay on the path to your dream life, no matter what.

Module 6

We often think that progress towards our dreams means taking BIG action - but in this lesson you're going to learn the power of small steps and how to harness them.

The Foundation of this course (ie Modules 1-4) are carefully designed as a transformational journey, and you are encouraged to do them sequentially in a timeframe that works for you.   The lessons are pre-recorded video lessons and you also have access to audio files so that you can listen to them on the go.

One module per week is good – but you can take it slower or faster if your prefer.

I do however strongly recommend doing the homework to get the maximum effect.

It’s one thing to listen and hear information – it’s another to take it deep within and do the work and integrate it.   That’s how you shift your energy and start creating radically different results.  It’s not the information – it’s the integration, and that is the purpose of this course.

In addition to the eight pre-recorded lessons and the worksheets, you will also receive TWO  BONUS mini-courses…


In this series of THREE trainings, recorded live, you’ll learn why most people don’t achieve their goals, then how to set goals in a way that sets you up for success.  These trainings are gold!

(over 5 hours of video content)

VALUE: $497


This series of THREE life-changing trainings will show you how to prepare to elevate to the next level in your life (whatever that means for you), how to take action to achieve it, and then most crucially: how to normalize the next level so that you don’t self-sabotage.

(over 5 hours of video content)

VALUE: $497

You will have lifetime access to all the classes – this is crucial as listening to them more than once will probably be essential to getting the results you want.


You get access to ALL future updates.  I plan to continue to add new modules throughout out this year.

When you join, you are in for life.

To be clear: this course is not for anyone looking for a quick fix or a magic formula.

Spoiler alert: there is no magic formula!

It is for anyone who knows that they were meant for more – and who is ready to do the inner work to allow it to come into their lives.

What's Included

Are you ready to invest in your future and start getting the results you want with ease?

Choose Your Enrollment Option

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Got a question?

The eight lessons are all pre-recorded so this is a self paced course.  You do it on your schedule in your time.  <b> That being said: at least two more modules will be added this year and if you are in the course, you will get to join these live. 

Within 30 days of purchasing, I offer a full, no hassle refund.  But after 30 days, there are strictly no refunds.  

Before the end of 2021, there will be a minimum of two group zoom calls which you will be invited to.  These are an opportunity to ask anything and get direct support.

Yes, you do!  You can come back to the sessions as often as you like to really anchor them in.

Please reach out to Team Diane at support@dianebell.com and we’ll get back to you!

See you on the inside!

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